Monday, November 1, 2010

Thrifty Gifties - Just in time for the Holidays!

Keep checking back with us for thrifty ideas to use as gifts for the holidays for the people you love. We all know that the economy is causing us to tighten our belts a bit but we still want to express our love for them and NOTHING SAYS LOVE more than something you made with your own hands. So get your hands come the ideas!

Decorated Soap-Thrifty Gifty #1

Here is a great idea that everyone seems to love. These make great gifts for the hostess or as a stocking stuffer. You can make a set of them, one for each season, as a beautiful gift. Grab a box of soap, any nice soap you like and get out your scrapbooking papers, glue, stickers, scissors, tape, rubber stamps and pads, ribbon and glitter. Now get creative!

1. Wrap the box of soap with nice paper.

2. Wrap the covered soap with ribbon in a nice pattern and tape in place using double-sided tape.

3. Decorate the box with stickers for specific themes or seasons.

4. Add glitter for some extra glitz!

Here are a few extra ideas to customize your soaps: Use Letter rubber stamps to personalize the soap, like a monogram. You can also use small cutouts from paper punches to add dimension. Use small dimensional flowers or leaves to make these soaps really special.

Don't forget to get your kids in on the action! This is something they can make for all of their special people - grandparents, bus drivers, lunch ladies, girl scout leaders, teachers, etc.

***Let us know what you think about this idea and send us a picture of what you did. We will try to post your creations! 

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