Monday, September 26, 2011

My Own Twisted Frosty

Blame it on a pregnancy craving! I got into the car and headed to Wendy's (a place I rarely frequent) to get what baby was crying out for...a Twisted Frosty!!! To my ultimate dismay, they don't make them anymore. The yummy, almost melted, yet still icy chocolate ice cream mixed in with bits and pieces of frozen M&Ms was no longer a menu item! Ahhhhh! What a let down.

What else could I do?? I headed over to QuickCheck because nothing was going to stop this mama from satiating such a craving. I picked up some chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a small bag of M&Ms and a couple Reese's cups for the hubby!

I reached up for my Cuisinart emulsion blender (thank you, Jill, for that great gift) put a few scoops of ice cream into the cup with a bit of milk, poured in my candy and voila! Made my own!!! I know I am bragging about the M&Ms but I had to take care of the hubby first and he loves the Reese's. That is why you see them featured in all of my pics!

So, if you are a Twisted Frosty lover and can't get your fix at Wendy's anymore, you can make your own!

Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stuffed Pumpkins for you to make


Here are the cutest little pumpkins you can make in a jiffy!  Make a few for yourself and a few to give away.  I had some of my friends come over and we made them together.  You will see us in action in the photos posted.  I wanted to share this idea with you because they are so simple and really look nice.  I am putting several of mine together in a nice old wooden bowl on my dining room table.  These pumpkins are sure to get you into the Fall spirit. I made a few for each of my daughters and they loved them!  Let me know how you do and add a comment about your experiences.  Enjoy the process!

Directions for pumpkins:
1.  Find some suitable fabrics to use - soft, fall colored fabrics or get bold and use some crazier fabrics or recycle some old clothes you no longer need or that have some special significance.

2.  Gather together your nested bowl sets for the templates for the circles, some heavy duty thread (doubled on your large needle and knotted), scissors for cutting, some old branches off a fallen tree(I cut mine to size on my husband's band saw - use with care!), some miscellaneous silk leaves, acorns you find on the ground, fiberfill, buttons(optional), dried beans, rice or small stones, glue gun, glue sticks.


3.  Choose the size bowl you want and lay on top of fabric and trace circle with a permanent marker.

4.  Cut out circle.
5.  Sew a running stitch around the perimeter of the circle you cut out about 1/4 inch in from the edge.

6.  Add some dried beans or stones to the bottom of the gathered circle.

7.  Add fiberfill to fill out your pumpkin.

8.  Gather your circle to make the pumpkin shape, checking to make the gathered opening a wee bit smaller than the diameter of the width of your twig.  Knot so the gathering does not come undone.

9.  If you wish, you can sew a small button at the bottom of your pumpkin, inserting the needle in the top near the gathered edges in the center and go through the fiberfill, through one side of the button and then back up through the other side of the button and back up through the beans and fiberfill.  Gather slightly so the pumpkin has a "squished" look and knot the thread at the top of the gathered edge.

10.  Using your glue gun, put hot glue in the small opening at the top of your pumpkin and insert the twig you are using for your stem.  Hold in place for several minutes until the glue is cool to the touch.

11.  Hot glue leaves and acorns on the upper part near the stem.  Enjoy!


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