Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pregnancy Fairy

Hi Blog Friends!

It's been a couple (well more...) weeks since I posted.  We recently found out we are expecting our second child and I have been feeling very blah to say the least! Throughout all of the nausea and headaches, etc., which I am sure a lot of you are familiar with, I came up with an idea!

The Pregnancy Fairy is my new little idea to perk up your pregnant mom friend. She (The Pregnancy Fairy) delivers a package of pregnancy goodies to newly expectant moms. This package would include a box of gingerale, junior mints, preggie pops and peppermint tea! All of these goodies are just about all I could stomach when I was feeling extra yucky, well including pizza! Pizza always puts a smile on my face, especially when I am pregnant!

Wrap all of these goodies up in cellophane, tie on a little raffia, print out the image below, attach and deliver!

P.S. The image above is from the Graphics Fairy, who is one of my favorite blogs! I added the text and voila! You should definitely visit her!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Charcoal Pizza

For a most delicious homemade Margherita Pizza, try cooking it on your charcoal grill! It was a really great summertime treat enjoyed by all!

I made my own dough with my breadmaker, however, you can run to your local food store and buy a pre-made dough! Add your favorite pizza sauce, sliced mozzarella and sprinkle on some chopped basil and drizzle with olive oil! Remember to get the kids involved in this fun dinner prep! Below is a photo of our raw pizza getting ready to be put on the grill.
Our raw pizza before the grill.

Our delicious pizza cooking on the charcoal grill.
The photo above shows our pizza cooking on the charcoal grill. Be sure to put tin foil under the pizza so the bottom doesn't burn. I also added some cornmeal to the base of the pizza to prevent sticking. Cook until the cheese is melted.

Slice and enjoy! I know you will thoroughly enjoy!



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