Monday, November 29, 2010

Beauty in Bloom

I belong to a Mom's group called MOPS (Mothers of and I have met so many wonderful moms in such a short period of time. Amongst them are two amazing, sincere mothers: Jamie Cone and Tara Silvestre who have recently launched a small business called Beauty in Bloom. Beauty in Bloom works to help girls build confidence and self-esteem by reminding them about what really matters and what really makes them a beautiful person; true beauty blossoms from the inside out. With character-building activities and games, crafts, face painting and/or age appropriate make-up and hair, your girls will be enjoying themselves in an educational, fun setting!

If you are looking to throw that special girl in your life an inspiring, confidence-building, beautiful party that will enlighten them about what really matters, visit for more  information and how to book your party!

I was inspired to post about this new small business because I not only wanted to share a way to host a creative party but wanted to inspire you to go after a dream or idea that you may have in the back of your mind. Anything is possible with a little sweat and hard work! One day I was inspired to create a blog and I did just that! 


1 comment:

Jamie Cone said...

Love it! This party is great not just birthdays but for any kind of group or club; think Girl Scouts, Pioneer Girls, Missionettes, sports teams... The workshops are great for reminding young ladies where their true gifts and talents come from ;-) Check it out and book your event today!


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