Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giving Thanks!

Unbelievably, the year is coming to a close.  November and December are upon us and soon we will be starting 2011.  Families and friends will be gathering and celebrating holidays.  There will be gifts to buy, food to cook, decorations to place around our homes.  Let’s be creative in the way we celebrate the holidays this year.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather together to give thanks.  One way to emphasize the meaning of Thanksgiving is to have each person write down one reason they are thankful before dinner.  Have a little pad with a pen handy and ask your guests to jot down their thoughts and then place the papers in a small basket.  Before dinner or during dessert, choose someone to read everyone’s thoughts about thankfulness.  This is especially fun for the younger crowd because it causes us to pause and verbalize things that are very often unspoken.

Another version of the above idea would be to have a sheet of paper with each person’s name on it.  When your guests arrive ask them to write something they love about every other person.  You can then hand out the completed papers for each guest to read about themselves.  You will be amazed at how wonderful each person will feel after reading a paper about themselves.  These are little things that we seldom take the time to do and yet they promote “goodwill among men.”

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