Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creating a Favorite Things Birthday Basket

Here's a spark of inspiration for those of you who just aren't sure what to do for that special someone as their birthday rolls around again! I have discovered that these "Favorite Things" Birthday Baskets are fun to make and even better to receive!

To make the basket, first establish how much you are willing to spend. Then, head out to find your big ticket items. (For this basket, the large ticket items were three gift certificates to favorite restaurants.) I created labels for each of the gift certificates, printed them out on my computer and adhered them to envelopes to make them more visually appealing in the basket.

To fill up the rest of the basket, think of little things that the person you are making it for really enjoys. I filled this one with Planters Peanuts, Twizzlers Black Licorice and a nice shirt.

Arrange the items in a container or basket that is seasonal or trendy, fill in the edges with crushed paper or tissue paper and wrap up with cellophane. Raffia and a bow are always a nice finishing touch.

The best thing about these "Favorite Things" Baskets is that they can be adapted for any one at any age and any celebration! When this gift is received, the person who is blessed with it will definitely know that you put some careful thought into their gift, which will be much appreciated!


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