Monday, October 18, 2010

Witches Hats, COAL BLACK CATS, Broom Stick Riders, Mice and Bats!

Last weekend when my husband, son and I went pumpkin picking, I just couldn't resist taking a picture of these clever black cats made out of pumpkins!

What a fun Halloween craft to make with your "sweetie!"
•Assemble two pumpkins on top of each other. (I would break the stem off of the top one and hot glue it to the larger base pumpkin.)
•Spray paint black!
•Add a black spray painted gourd alongside the base of the larger pumpkin with a touch of hot glue to represent the tail.
•Use construction paper for the ears, eyes and collar and bedazzle with sequins or glitter for that extra sparkle! Attach with the hot glue gun as well!

Create a whole family of these BLACK CATS for a spooky Halloween porch scene that your trick-or-treaters will love!


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