Thursday, October 21, 2010

Delectable Collectibles

When it comes time to decorate the house for Fall, I head into my basement and bring up all of my "Fall" labeled bins and begin to dig right in! Taking out my mini collection of pumpkins that I have acquired over time, I wanted to think of a fun way to display them all.

All of them are very special to me as they each carry a memory from who they came from or where I bought them. As a few of them are pretty tiny, I thought it would be nice to do a grouping of them so they don't get lost in the mix of decorations spread throughout the house.

I decided to dedicate a whole shelf to my friendly bunch, raising some up on books and hiding others in nooks. I found a nice handmade doily, if you will, and I placed that under the grouping to first brighten up the area and bring some attention to it. Bringing up a couple old wooden boxes from my basement (that I probably picked up at a garage sale along the way) was a nice addition to my display as well.

I found that grouping similar items in one area, like I did to the pumpkins, creates a place that the eye can rest and the collection can be appreciated. Remember that a collection is a grouping of three or more similar items that you collected from different places at different times.

This is a great idea that you can be inspired by for Fall. What kind of collections do you have at home that are worthy of display? If you are so inspired to think ahead to the upcoming winter holiday seasons, think about your vintage glass ornament collection or your cookie cutter collection. How can you use these items in a beautiful winter display for the holidays?

If you have been inspired by any of these posts so far, please post a comment and/or picture of what you have done with your inspiration!


P.S. Coming soon..."Thrifty Gifties" (Making Handmade Gifts on a Budget)

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