Monday, October 11, 2010

Inspired by Changing Leaves and Pumpkins! Learn How to Make a Pumpkin Arrangement

Finished Pumpkin Arrangement
Yesterday, I hosted a small dinner for my parents and previous to their arrival my mom stopped at the craft store and picked up some fun supplies for making these adorable pumpkin arrangements! With a few bunches of silk flowers, leaves, some faux acorns and berries, we were able to hot glue a bounty of autumn goodness on top of a faux pumpkin.
Here is our scattered bunch of supplies! (Image A)

Start by building the base level of leaves. (Image B)

Gradually work up towards a peak at the top by adding flowers. (Image C)

In Image A, you will be able to see our supplies. All in all, we only used about three bunches of flowers to create two pumpkins (and a wreath).  Don't forget the hot glue gun and sticks, which are essential to creating this project as well as the base pumpkins. Nippers and scissors are necessary supplies for snipping the leaves and flower heads off of their wire stems.

To achieve a bountiful looking pumpkin, take a look at Image B and notice how the leaves were placed. They are draping over each other in a layered fashion. When we glued the leaves on, we were sure not to start at the stem. We moved out from the stem 2-3 inches and began the first layer of leaves there and built on top of that (gradually moving in toward the stem) so the leaves would be showing from underneath the flowers. 

As you can see in Image C, we added large flower heads in an inverted ice cream cone shape so there would be a triangular peak shape at the top of the arrangement. 

Lastly, we filled in the details with berries, acorns, and glittery leaves. 

Before calling your project complete, rotate the pumpkin around and take a look at it from all sides. Ask yourself if it looks full all around or is it flat in some areas and need to be made more full? The pumpkin should be able to show at any angle well! That is when you know your project is complete!

Here I am putting the finishing touches on my
pumpkin, which sits beautifully on my piano now!

Here is my mom in her "happy place!"

We hope you are as inspired as we were creating our Pumpkin Arrangements! This project is a lot of fun to do with someone else and only takes about a half hour to create!

PS: We are NOT EVER as serious as we look in these pictures. See the finished wreath picture that my mom created before her pumpkin.....this is more like it!


I am always looking for a goofy photo op
when it comes to taking pictures of my mom!


Kristi McInerney said...

Great work ladies! I want that wreath! Clare it is so beautiful!!!! I have to learn how to make it!

Clare said...

Thanks, Kristi! It was not hard. I took an old wreath and tore off the old stuff. Then I wired a flat wreath that had leaves all around it onto the grapevine wreath(you could also use a garland of leaves or individually glue leaves on.) I used silk sunflowers I got at a garage sale (lol) and cut the stems shorter and stuck them into the grapevine wreath and secured them with hot glue. I then added more leaves that I hot glued around to fill it out. You can add more flowers, pinecones, acorns,a bow or whatever. I hope you try it! It is easy!


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