Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some thoughts about a busy garage sale day

Well, the morning started out pretty good! It was crisp and clear and bright. No rain in sight...good for garage saling! There were 4 of us today, including husband and grandson.
We decided to get something to eat first, so off to WAWA we went and grabbed breakfast and coffees. We were on our way to the first garage sale, and there were many on the horizon! Then, all of a sudden it happened...ooops! A lapfull of pumpkin spice decaf coffee dumped right into "Grammy's" lap, courtesy of Charlie, my grandson. OH well, so much for good coffee and fresh, clean clothes. That is the way it goes when you go garage saling with your grandkids. Or so I am finding out, since Charlie is my first grandson and he is just 1 year old. So what was I to expect, right? Well, to be honest, once I got used to the idea of coffee in my lap it was no big deal (it dried really fast due to low humidity today, thank goodness!) The pleasure of having Charlie with us today more than made up for the spilled coffee. Hey, isn't there a saying about spilled coffee...oh, wait, that was spilled milk. Well, we had some of that, too, because I was sitting in the back seat with Charlie and I can tell you that when he was flipping his bottle around there was plenty of spilled milk. too.
We really had a fun-filled day today. Found some really nice items - a leather coat for "moi" for $20.00 and something I have been looking for - a new sewing machine for $10.00. My old one (my husband got it for me for my bridal shower, now that is OLD) broke a few weeks ago. Just would not go anymore. I fussed and fussed with it and then I thought, well, I can get it fixed. But it is OLD! Does it really warrant getting fixed? So I decided a new one would be the ticket. After looking on Craigs List and Ebay, I decided that a garage sale would be the best bet. And there it was, all nice and pretty in it's original box with the directions, extra bobbins and what more could I ask??? And it was close to 12 noon when I found this pretty thing. So, see, goes to show you that you can still get good buys later in the day. It just depends on what you are looking for. So now that I have the sewing machine, I guess there is NO REASON that I can't make some new drapes or curtains for the still bare windows in our new home. Hmmmmm.....maybe I shouldn't have been in such a hurry to find that sewing machine after all.


Nancy2u said...

Funny Clare of course you would find a great working sewing machine.1-2-3

I want to see little Charlie

Nancy2u said...

Funny of course you would find a wonderful fully working sewing machine.

I want to see Charlie


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