Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watercolor painting demo

We would like to re-post this article due to the requests for the video. It seems to be working fine as of now. Scroll down to watch the video. Please enjoy.

As we anxiously awaited my grandchild's arrival today, my daughter Valerie and I decided to create a longer lasting bouquet of flowers to commemorate the baby's birth. See below what we created and the stages in which we created it. We have also included a short video of part of the process, which you will see below. It was a great time to share some of the skills I teach to other aspiring artists and share them with my daughter Valerie. We hope you enjoy our painting. Stay posted for an upcoming online shop on our blog which will offer our work for sale.

The Process:

Part of the Process:



1 comment:

Adriana Iris said...

wow I wish i was good with watercolors


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