Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cereal Coupons and Crafty Cereal Ideas!


Today, I am going to share a link where you can get printable cereal coupons. Without coupons or a sale, you can really rack up quite a bill with just a few of your favorite boxes! For those of you who favor Post, you can find Post cereal coupons here.

Speaking of cereal, I did a fun, simple craft with my son, Charlie a few days ago. We got a length of string and a handful of Cheerios and put them together to make an edible necklace. He thought it was the greatest thing! It reminded me of candy necklaces but much healthier! 

When stringing the Cheerios, practice counting skills. Having preschoolers use their little fingers with a stringing activity also works on their fine motor skills, which are important for building up the muscles for writing and developing good hand-eye coordination. Developing this skill is generally good just for performing daily tasks in the life of your little one.

If you make this craft with your child, please monitor them with the string for the duration of making the craft and wearing the necklace. "Safety has no quitting time," as my hubby would say!

I would love to hear about what fun, crafty ideas you have involving cereal. Do you glue it on paper and create artwork out of it? Please do share. 

If you have any kid-friendly inspired cereal recipes, please comment below!  You can feel free to send me a photo of your works of art created from cereal or links to recipes using cereal at and I will gladly post them to the blog so we can share with everyone else!


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gin said...

what a sweet little guy you have! I love the cheerios on a necklace idea; I'll have to do that when my little guy gets a little older. There are so many things you can do to teach with that; counting, patterns, fine motor skilss...awesome!


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