Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alphabet Photography-Thrifty Gifty #9

This past Saturday I had the privilege of going into New York City with my mom and dad, with whom I went to Bryant Park, Chelsea Market and the Martha Stewart Craft Show (more details to come in an upcoming post about the MS Craft Show). Before I left, I was thinking about some very special people in my life who I would like to make a gift for, one of them including my son, Charlie!

I was scouring web sites and creative magazines when I stumbled upon something that I felt I could easily do on a trip to the Big Apple. My mom and I began shooting pictures of architecture, subway signs, pipes on scaffolding, and old paper plates lying in the streets that resembled Alphabet letters.

The Letter "O" found looking through part of a building.

The Letter "S" found on a mat.

The Letter "N" found on a subway sign.
 I uploaded them onto my computer, opened them up on Photoshop, altered them a bit by adjusting size to a standard photo size: 4"x 6", changed the color image to grayscale and played with the brightness/contrast.

Assemble the letters to create a name or a word, order prints on shutterfly or your favorite online photo site and frame for a beautifully, thoughtful gift!

This Thrifty-Gifty requires a camera, an image altering computer program, a little bit of a creative eye and a beautiful frame for gifting.



Jeanne said...

Where did you find frames for this project?

Valerie said...

Hi Jeanne,
I used glass sandwich frames from A.C. MOORE for this project. It shows off the letters very nicely and comes in a variety of sizes depending on how large you decide to print your images.

Anonymous said...

Do you have anymore letters to choose from?

Valerie said...

Hi-thank you for your interest! We should have every letter complete. If you are interested in purchasing, or have further questions, please email me at


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