Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What does Christmas mean to you?

With a few days left before Christmas, I would like to gather your thoughts on what Christmas means to you. Choosing any letter from the word "Christmas," create a statement about what Christmas means to you and post it in a comment. For example, choosing the letter "C," Christ's birth, the true meaning of Christmas or Caroling all the way! It can be serious or funny!

I would love to compile all of your thoughts and publish a post for Christmas on "What Christmas means to you." There is absolutely no right or wrong answer and I appreciate all of your input!



Anonymous said...

So I chose "M" for the Spanish word mas which means more. I see Christmas as a time for more giving, more togetherness, more hope, more love, more understanding, and more peace. It is a time to do more for your fellow man. A time for families to spend more time with one another. And hopefully in the midst of it all we explain that Christmas is about much more than getting gifts. It's about the one who gave the greatest gift of all to the world... Jesus Christ.

Grace said...

Can I do 2?? :-)

C- Celebrating Christ's birth!!


S- Surrounded by family and loved ones.

These are absolutely my two favorite things about Christmas!


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