Monday, December 13, 2010

Gifts in a Jar, Thrifty Gifty #11

Time is passing quickly and Christmas is around the corner! Uh oh, do you still have people that you wanted to give gifts to??? Here is a great solution to your dilemma. This is such a fun idea and it does not take a lot of time. You will be assembling the ingredients for a wonderful, yummy treat but you will not be cooking it. You will provide directions on how to complete the "treat" whenever the recipient would like to. You can make several of these "gifts in a jar" at one time and have them ready to give to friends at a moment's notice. This is a great gift to make and have on hand just in case someone stops over and gives you a little something. Then you have something very nice to reciprocate with. I have been making these little gifts for a long time. You can vary the recipes from year to year and always have something new and fun to give. These gifts are fun for all ages.


Mason jar with lid

Nice small piece of fabric

Gift tag or label (see our other post on how to make recycled gift tags -

Ribbon or raffia

Rubber band

Kitchen supplies - bowls for mixing, measuring cups and spoons, spoons for stirring

Recipe for a Gift in a Jar and those particular ingredients


1.Find a great recipe you like for your Gift in a Jar. Here is a great link I found for some awesome recipes. There are so many, I am sure you will love them.

2. Gather your ingredients and mix all together according to the recipe.

3. Follow the recipe and layer the ingredients correctly.

4. Print out the recipe directions for the recipient of your gift so they know how to make whatever you are giving them (hot cocoa, cake, cookies, soup,etc.) and attach to the gift tag or label.

5. Close the jar with the lid. Use the small piece of fabric and cut a square or circle about 3 inches larger than the lid of your jar. Use pinking shears if you have them so your fabric does not fray.

6. Center the fabric on the jar lid and use a rubber band to secure around the neck of the jar.

7. Tie a piece of ribbon or raffia around the rubber band so it looks pretty.

8. You can make a nice label for your jar stating what the treat will be.

For example: Yummy Peppermint Hot Cocoa

These make very nice gifts for teachers, bus drivers, friends and family. I would love hear your comments on these ideas. Let us know what you made!

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