Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy Holiday Fudge-Thrifty Gifty #12

For those of you who really only have about an hour to dedicate to whipping up a holiday treat...this EASY holiday fudge is for you!

INGREDIENTS (to make one batch of fudge):
•1 can sweetened condensed milk
•1 package of semi-sweet chocolate chips (12 oz)
•A package of candy or a couple candy bars
 (m&m's, peppermints, heath bar, reese's peanut butter cups, etc.)
•Can Opener
•Round cake pan
•Saran wrap
•Crisco or non-stick baking spray

•Grease a round cake pan
•In a saucepan, add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 package of semi-sweet chocolate chips.
•On medium heat, stir consistently until all ingredients are well melted and mixed.
•While the ingredients are melting on the stove, rinse out milk can and cover with saran wrap. Grease the covered can with Crisco and place in the middle of the greased round cake pan. 
This will create a wreath shape when the fudge is removed!

•Pour the melted ingredients into the round cake pan and around the milk can that is in the center.
•Add crushed candy to the top of your fudge and place immediately into the refrigerator to cool for at least four hours.
•Cut up and enjoy!

•This holiday treat is great as gifts for teachers as you and your child can make it together!
•Plate up some cookies and add a few sweet fudgie treats to the platter and give to a neighbor or friend!
•Pop out of the mold and serve on a beautiful dish with a knife and let guests enjoy their own personal sized samples.


Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! Thanks for the yummy, easy recipe!!


belgd said...

ooh (: that looks good

Valerie said...

Maribel, I hope you can make it because it is so yummy and literally takes no time at all! You are entered into our Giveaway this week for posting! Thank you! Best wishes!


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