Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For the MOMs

This morning I attended my last MOPS meeting of the year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with MOPS, it is a mom's group for "Mothers of Preschoolers," hence the name. What a blessing this year has been as we traveled through the theme of MOMology and learned about the "art and science of mothering" while meeting new friends, learning new tips and just overall having fun! As we went through our theme (we are assigned a new one each year) we were guided through a curriculum that honed in on teaching us how to be the best mom we can be through guest speakers, crafts, meal planning ideas, and so much more!

I realized what a huge impact this group has made on me as we all sat together reminiscing about what really touched us this year. As we supported each other through trials and joy it made each of us stronger as women and moms and friends.

Through writing this post, I want to encourage the Moms of Preschoolers (that could be you if you have a child from pregnancy to age 5) out there to check out the website and see where you can get plugged in. MOPS is an International group so there should be one right in your neighborhood. Here is the link: http://www.mops.org/

I would love to know if you attend a MOPS group in your area and how it has impacted you as a mom! Please share in the comments section.

In this post, I will also be telling you about one of the crafty ideas that was shared today at our MOPS meeting. We had a meeting focused on "ME-ology" today and really learned how to take care of ourselves as moms. We planted basil in a beautiful pot that was given to us, got mini facials, shared summer fun ideas, indulged in chocolate covered strawberries and other goodies as well as participated in making these cute little "clippies" that I am going to explain to you how to make.

Before I do, I just wanted to say that there are so many aspects of MOPS that you can choose to pour yourself into as you tap into the gifts that you were given, be it visual art, speaking, cooking, encouraging or anything else that makes you the shining woman and mom that you are!

Here's how to make the "Clippies:"

•Use ribbon that is 3/8 inch wide.
•Cut ribbon into 4 1/2 inch strips.
•Burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
•Clip the ribbon onto the inside of the clippie all the way to the end.
•Make a bead of glue on the top of the clippie and smooth it out.
•Fold ribbon over to cover the glue, smooth ribbon out and pinch to seal edges.
•Apply glue to the remaining ribbon and spread out.
•Fold ribbon and press into the "pinch" part of the clippie.
•Pinch to seal edges here also.
•Glue on your favorite embellishment.

Thank you, Stacia for this wonderful clippie idea and even more so, thank you for letting me share it on my blog so moms all over can make these cute clippies for their girls!

(oh, and remember to comment on how MOPS has encouraged you if you belong to one in your area...I would love to read about it!)


Kristi McInerney said...

Val, I loved your recap post. Mops was such a blessing to me when I first had Julia and when Mark was first born. It was such a great way to connect with other moms and learn how to be a great mom. I really missed it this past year, but I was glad to catch the last two meetings! I loved making the girlie bows today too!

gin said...

I never realized that MOPS could be birth to five years! This means I can take my 14 month old this summer to a MOPS group, I've been wanting to join one. Thanks for sharing the info.

Valerie said...

Hi Gin!
The MOPS group in your area may be out of session in terms of meetings bc it is already almost June, however, many MOPS groups do moms nights out and playdates in the summer so you can still be involved during this time.

I truly hope that you will find one in your area. Keep me posted and enjoy the wonderful benefits of sharing mommy advice and tips and just making new friends for you and your LO.

You should be able to use the MOPS website to find a local chapter. Let me know if you need help with that.


Diane and Chad said...

I am following from the mingle hop. My son and I did a parent workshop at a MOPS meeting here in our area. We'd be happy to do more if anyone is interested:)

Valerie said...

That's something for us to keep in mind. Where are you located?


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