Sunday, January 16, 2011

More on Party Hats!

Piggy-backing off of a recent Celebrations post regarding "Celebration Hats," we stumbled upon a wonderful website called Blumchen Crafts, where we discovered Crepe Paper Party Hats! Please feel free to click on the link to find out the details on how to make these wonderful creations and while you are visiting, search around this treasure trove of goodies!

With permission from the host of the site, we are able to showcase these most whimsical pieces on our blog!

Just browsing the Blumchen Crafts website has inspired me as their supplies are literally eye candy for every holiday! Tinsel pipe cleaners; vintage, paper Easter motifs; glitter,  mica and sparkles and so much more will make your hands tremble with the urge to create! With a recent purchase of spun cotton, I foresee a bunch of little spun cotton ornaments coming to life!

One more note on the Crepe Paper Party Hats...remember that you can embellish them however you wish. You are the artist!


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