Saturday, January 8, 2011

Celebration Hats!

In honor of January being my birthday month, I will be serving up some splendid celebration ideas starting with this one...Celebration Hats! What a fantastic way to dress up the guest of honor, not only for a birthday but for a bridal shower, baby shower, retirement dinner, or just because! 

No matter what your budget, skill or creativity level, you can create anything from a simple crown to a full-blown, glittered, bride-to-be tiara streaming with tulle! (Like the one seen below created by my mom for my bridal shower!)

To simplify the process of creating, think about the theme of the celebration or event. For example, my son's first birthday party was Elmo-themed and he donned a light-weight yellow party hat adorned with a beanie baby Elmo that was simply stitched onto the cap. The best part was that he got to take Elmo off and play with him later!

Try to focus the party hat on your theme and soon you will be spotting little things here and there to embellish your creation! Keep your eyes peeled at garage sales, thrift shops or even the dollar store for hat bases that could work for your guest of honor! Then, stitch, hot glue, glitter, and cut and paste your way to a finished product!

Making the Celebration Hat, is only a portion of the fun of this project...seeing it on the guest of honor is even better! Remember to get some photographs too!

The pic below is a photo of me two years ago at a Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, TX. I wanted to share it because we celebrated my birthday there and they gave me a fun sombrero to wear during the "Happy Birthday" song! How much fun is that? So, if you find that you don't have time to create a celebration hat of your own, look for a festive hat that you already have in your closet and dedicate its use as a birthday crown! This could be the beginning of a wonderful tradition!

I distinctly remember my Nanny using the same green, mug-shaped birthday candle over and over and over again and we always laughed at the fact of how old it was but we found comfort in knowing that each year we all blew out the same candle as we celebrated one more year together as a family!


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Clare said...

I remember that green mug candle! After all those years I wonder if it every burned down to nothing? Did it, Nan???


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