Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creativity Gone Wild * A very special birthday gift*

Presented to me on my 30th birthday were two bags full of gifts, each numbered 1 through 30. My instructions were to open one gift each day along with the corresponding note that goes along with it. The notes are written from my mother with advice, encouragement and just wise knowledge that she wanted to share with me.

The box above holds all 30 of my daily cards, each labeled with the appropriate day that I am supposed to read them.

Above are samples of the numbered gifts that correspond to the daily cards.

Day 2 reminded me about how much I love to create! The card spoke about how it is a gift that should be passed down and shared with my children.  Along with the daily card, I opened up a beautiful vintage notecard kit!

Day 4 (today) is all about eating healthy and cooking for my family! The lovely surprise that I opened up today was The Martha Stewart Cookbook!

I LOVE the passion, creativity and devotion that was put into this gift! This gift will keep on giving as I can look back at the treasure trove of written advice, encouragement and wisdom that my mom wanted to share with me.

Anyone would love this gift and it can be applied to any age by creating that specific number of gifts to match the daily cards!

Thank you, Mom (and Dad...I know you had your input in this too!)


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