Friday, July 1, 2011

My Antiqued, Silver Table

The antiqued, silver table project was born one evening when my mom and I were sitting in my living room dreaming up ways to update my living room decor. Whenever I am in need of some inspiration, she is always one to light the spark in me (or should I say under me). As I was doing this table project, I was thinking about all kinds of things to write about in this post. I was contemplating whether or not I am an idea person or rather one who likes to execute the idea. Sometimes, when you are surrounded by the same four walls, it is hard to come up with fresh ideas unless you ask someone you trust for their opinion (that's where my Mom comes in). Do you find yourself to be an idea person or more of an executioner of the ideas that you see around you?  Perhaps the reason I love the notion of blogs is because there are so many ideas that I can make my own out there!

So, to continue on about the antiqued, silver husband and I repainted our living-dining room to a really beautiful slate color, which lies somewhere in between a chalky blue and gray family. I purchased valances, panels and rods from Lowes and added a few other touches. The antiqued, silver table emerged from the idea of adding pewter accents around the room.

The evening before starting my project I was browsing the Better Homes and Gardens website, which I LOVE! I think it is by far, one of the best decorating/crafty idea sites out there! To my surprise, (well, not really!) Mom was right on target with creating pewter table accents as I ran across this Better Homes and Gardens page, which features silvery mirrored tables. I thought about adding mirrors to my table but in turn, I kept it simple.

Here is a look at how my table emerged from a black-weathered, worn looking table to a table for the tin man, if you will (as per my hubby prior to being antiqued-sorry I forgot to take a photo at this stage) to the elegant antiqued silver table that now sits proudly in my living room. Overall, I would estimate this project at about 5 hours and well, as for cost, I found the table in the trash and the rest of the materials ran about $25.

Just one more tip, if you are going to be the one spray painting. My pointer finger lost feeling from the duration of spray painting yesterday. The feeling is finally starting to come back but I could barely even write yesterday due to the injury. I would advise on buying a trigger that you can put on the can rather than hurting your finger pressing down the nozzle.


Always wear a mask, gloves and spray in a well-ventilated area.
Here I have Rustoleum Aluminum for the base coat and a
Clear Satin Finish, which I used as my very last step to finish the project.

Protecting the grass!

Valspar Antiquing Glaze is what I used as my Antiquing Medium.

Here is a detail of the finished table.

Here is my finished table in the living room already being loved!

I absolutely LOVE how this project turned out. I am even considering this antiquing technique for a larger piece that I have in my bedroom.



Kristi McInerney said...

Val the table looks amazing! You are awesome! I also just wanted to thank you personally for allowing me to be a part of your blog hop...I've gained almost 40 new followers in just 6 hops :) Thank you!!!!

Valerie said...

Hi Kristi!
I am really happy that you are building up your following! I love the new look of your site! It's beautiful and a great reflection of who you are as a wife, mom and Christian!

Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

I love the way the table turned out!

Clare said...

HI Val, Great job on executing the ideas we dreamed up! It came out awesome!!! Now you make me want to start a new project that I "Pewter!" I bet Charlie is enjoying it already with his little cars, lol! Love, MOM

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

this looks fantastic!

Valerie said...

Thank you all for the compliments on the table! You inspire me!

Pounds4Pennies said...

Wow this is cool. My thrift store is a drive for me to get to. Hopefully when school starts again I will have a chance to get up there.

Valerie said...

Thrift stores are awesome! Do you know about free It's local free stuff. I am sure you are bound to find something you can antique.

Mandi said...

I absolutely LOVE using spray paint to change the look of my old furniture. My house is full of freshly painted hand-me-downs. :)


Caren with a "C" said...

I'm an ideas person. I love to brainstorm. Cool project. Hope the feeling in your finger returns!


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