Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easy-to-Make Candy Easter Cloche

Feature your favorite Easter candies in these adorable, easy-to-make Easter Cloches! Last week, my MIL came to me with an idea. She mentioned the blog and handed me a package of clear plastic dessert plates and a package of clear plastic drinking glasses. She showed me that when the glass was turned over onto the plate, it mimicked that of a glass cloche! I was already in love with this one! Take a look and see how it all turned out!

If you are unsure of what a cloche is, it is featured below on the right hand side of the page. Mostly, they are used to cover a small display or a decorative item. Sometimes even used in a terrarium-like way.

The items that I gathered for this project are featured in the basket below. Mostly everything is from WalMart except for the water glasses and plates, which are from the Dollar Tree.

The first step in creating these cloches is to assemble your candies and Easter grass on the plate. In place of glue, I used the Wilton Kelly Green Decorating Icing. I had my own Wilton tips, which fit perfectly onto the tube of icing. Featured on the right, you will see how I used the "grass" tip to add grass in between the eggs and around the bunny.

See the direct image below for what the "grass" tip looks like. The second image below is a round tip. I piped a strip of icing onto the glass right before placing over the bunny and egg decoration to hold it in place.

The final steps include piping more "grass" around the base of the plate and adding a few more eggs or candy to your liking.


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