Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Sweet Idea

If you are feeling artsy and crafty and want to make a Sweet Treat for your Valentine this year, this idea is super easy and way cute! This sweet indulgence is simply a Hershey bar wrapped in fancy paper and embellished with silver ribbon and puffy, glittered heart stickers. 

I picked up most of the materials at A.C. Moore and bought the Hershey bars and silver ribbon
at Walmart!

Find an assortment of paper that reminds you of Valentine's Day, cut a length long enough to wrap around your candy bar and apply a small piece of Scotch tape to hold it together. 
Voila! There you have it...almost done! Now cut another piece of paper that contrasts but matches the one you already have wrapped around your bar. Tape and then apply ribbon and stickers. 

Here are a bunch of my finished products! Hope you enjoy!



Julia Wells said...

This is an awesome and "sweet" little idea. So creative!

Jennifer said...

I like this idea but I'm not so sure the hubby would... glitter and ribbon just aren't his thing.

I am here from the Mingle with Us Blog Hop of course!


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